Heavy Duty Caravan/RV Blind- 62cm wide- Perfect for mobile travelling.


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SummaryMade in 300mym thick material and made in England Superb value and quality. Available in many colours via dropdown menuExcellent addition for travelling,fits Caravan & RV doorwaysHolland Plastics Original since 1964- Easy and simple to affix 62cm wide (standard Caravan door)Heavy Duty Caravan/RV Blind- 62cm wide- Perfect for mobile travelling. DescriptionWith the world seemingly becoming a smaller place all the time people are taking to the road and travelling is much easier then it was when we first began trading back in 1964!

Catering for this growing market we manufacture the Heavy Duty Caravan/RV blind which fits the length and width of the majority of caravan and camper doorways.

The blind is ideal for those days when the door is open yet you do not want the bugs to fly in!

The Heavy Duty Caravan blind is produced using 300mym thick material.

The blind is made by Holland Plastics (UK) Limited who are the market leaders for over 50 years of this product, it is made to high standards in the UK, settle for no imitations. This is the famous blind seen everywhere and no copy comes close.

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